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The British monarch still serve its purpose in Britain. Well, maybe not politically, but constitutionally. Without it, it will lost one of its most important national identity. Of course, if you compare the monarchs in Malaysia, their monarch is way better. They know their royal duties, and do it well. They publish their royal financial statement to the public every year transparently, which a Queen cost 62 pence per UK citizen. The most important is their people still love them. There are vast majority of the people support the existence of the monarch, because they think it is still relevant to them. The republican rating in UK is at its new low. This wedding reassure their position in the country. However, monarchy is a very sensitive issue nowadays. If they do it right and responsibly, people love them. If they do it badly, like the monarchs in Malaysia, people want them to go. Of course, in Malaysia, this is still controversial. Sometimes, this is not about money, this is about a country's identity, history and pride. Running a country is not running a corporate. Not everything is about profit.

P.S. Sometimes people said that they are jealous or heartbroken, it is just a saying. Don't take them too seriously. It was a happy day, sometimes people just want a glimpse of happiness before they return to reality. That doesn't cost much. Ya, practical is good, but sometimes it sound sad. People love fairy tales, especially girls, it gave people some kind of hope or happiness. Sometimes this is not money that can value. Just let it be. It is just one day. Hehe. :)